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QMEDIA — full service digital agency, born in the year 2008 and despite the young age managed to offer and perform hundreds of advertising campaigns for its clients. Offering them non-standard and creative solutions in the internet.
QMEDIA team performs projects and campaigns for Ukrainian and foreign markets. We welcome any client, 360 degrees of services in the field of digital – that’s what you’ll receive, applying to us with your brief. Brand’s strategy promotion, proposed by us, always ends with successful data in the end of the project or campaign. It’s the way the agency acts. Proved by the projects and clients’ reviews.


We use a wide range of instruments and technologies of modern digital marketing in order to gain the clients’ aims. Each campaign is being built using it’s own strategy and a complex of instruments, methods and ways of implementation, which affords to gain an expected result.
First letter in the agency’s name it’s also the first letter of the word «QUALITY». It’s the slogan we work under and it is seen in the results of every project at all it’s step.


There are all necessary components of full value clients service: strategic department, mediaplanning and buying department, client service department, creative and production, SMM and context advertising departments.
We are not accustomed to hide behind the doors of the personal cabinets, we know nothing about beurocratic chain and long-term confirmation periods. We are dynamic, thus minimizing time in the process of projects flow. Due to a well-organized and qualified work of the team all the clients receive the expected result at the expected time.


  • Digital strategy – it’s the core process proposed to the brands before the agency starts activity. No mistakes are affordable here. Well-done strategy, built on a deep understanding of the customers and the market of digital communications guarantees excellent results and exact forecasts.
  • Context advertising is one of the most effective instruments of advertising in the internet; this is an advertising of the products and services being searched by the users themselves. Our context managers work with search engines Google, Yandex, with social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Vkontakte. The agency also provides services on banners placement, based on effective mediaplans and company’s digital strategy.
  • Social marketing is based on understanding of the users who “live” in these networks. Experience combined with technical and stuff possibility of the agency makes the projects bright and unforgettable, such projects are easily shared by the users themselves, thus creating a viral effect. Virality efficiently raises loyalty to the brand and makes cost per contact much cheaper for the client.
  • PR campaign brilliantly held in internet for your brand will raise audience attention for sure. Our editors and copywriters can create the text of any complexity – an article, a slogan, a press-release, an advertising text upon your request and goals.
  • The field is not the less creative than design! Media-planner possesses dozens of instruments, thus to find the optimal ones is a real art. The result of such art is always an effective cost per contact and a direct reach of the targeted audience.
  • A team of web-designers, who possesses an art of UI and UX and constantly watching the trends and using them practically, together with a team of web-programmers, who are composers of excellent codes, HTML, JavaScript, Flash, different CMS – such simbiosis generates effective modern projects of different level and complexity. These are web-sites, internet shops, landing pages, promo pages, tests, applications for integration into social networks, applications for iOS and Android etc.
  • Persons with abilities of copywriting, who can express a thought or opinion, can briefly formulate the essentials, can artistically underline the meaning of the global thing, who can write an article in such a way that you’ll want to see in the end “…to be continued..” – all these persons are our editors, copywriters, who work on the clients’ projects as well as in the editorial office of the online magazine Woman2Woman.
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